Internet Routing Daemon

BIRD is one of the fastest routing daemons in the world, tirelessly recalculating best routes between connected networks.


New release 2.14!
Oct 7 2023 | Many improvements in MPLS, BMP and filters

Used by the leading companies worldwide


BIRD is utilized by the largest IXPs, CDNs and Data Center operators worldwide.

Internet Exchange Point

Hundreds of networks are connected in a single point for network connection and data exchange. To compute best routes, these Internet Exchange Protocols deploy BIRD as a Route Server.

BIRD users appreciate the versatility and speed of the filtering engine, as well as stability, good scalability and resiliency.

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Data Center

Managing of whole server room networking may be scary. BIRD powers rack networking or virtualization backend, smoothly distributing information about server presence across the whole network.

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Content Delivery Network

To distribute content across the Internet efficiently, companies have multiple Points of Presence over the world. Every such point acts as a BGP Leaf Node. BIRD easily handles this task and propagates routing information to the Internet.

BIRD can be also configured as a Route Collector to have precise data for analysis and network settings tweaking.

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Internet Service Provider

In large networks with multiple uplinks and peerings, BIRD as Route Reflector reduces configuration complexity and allows for fast BGP route exchange.

Providers who prefer running a white-box hardware also can deploy BIRD there and have a completely open-source routing inside their network.

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Product Integration

Manufacturers producing network hardware can integrate BIRD as the routing software layer. BIRD then does all the routing work and feeds the hardware forwarding layer with appropriate routes.

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Meet the team

IANA Root Zone Cryptographic Officer, RIPE NCC Executive Board Chair, one of the original authors of BIRD.

Author of the current filter engine, multithreading expert, performance expert, BIRD 3 maintainer, writing BIRD since 2015.

Author of the current BGP and OSPF implementations, routing and networking expert, BIRD 2 maintainer, writing BIRD since 2008.

How it began...

BIRD started as a university project at Charles University in Prague, Faculty of Mathematics and Physics developed by Ondřej Filip (now CEO of CZ.NIC and Ripe NCC Executive Board Chair), Pavel Machek and Martin Mareš. The first release of BIRD came out on Friday, June 9, 2000 and since then, the project gained its userbase as its development continued.

In year 2008, BIRD was adopted by by CZ.NIC Labs and is now a part of CZ.NIC Labs' portfolio together with other open-source projects with global impact such as Knot DNS. CZ.NIC provides financial, office, legal and human resource services for the BIRD Team.

BIRD is developed and supported by CZ.NIC

CZ.NIC is the Czech national domain registry, a member of many prestigious organizations, ISO 27001 certified company, headquartered in Prague.

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